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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome affects millions of Americans a year, but many don’t know they have it until it is severe. Know the early warning signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and get treatment from EHI Health Care – the hand specialists in Austin – before symptoms worsen:

  1. Tingling Sensations & Numbness

Many suffering from the early stages of carpal tunnel will begin to experience tingling or numbness in their thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, or even the palm of the hand. This is due to inflammation of the tissue around the median nerve in the wrist, the nerve responsible for controlling feeling to the hand.

  1. Weakened or Loss of Muscular Strength

Depending on the stage of carpal tunnel, patients may begin to experience issues grabbing objects, opening jars, or even typing due to weakened muscles in the hand. Generally the thumb and palm are most severely affected.

  1. Loss of Fine Motor Skills

Along with weakened muscles, carpal tunnel can cause a loss of fine motor skills in the hand, making it difficult to do simple, everyday tasks around the home. Even simple tasks like writing your name can become a challenge.

EHI Health Care Austin Carpal Tunnel Specialists

  1. Itchy, Burning Sensations

Not only can carpal tunnel create tingling and numbness, but it can also create the feeling of itchy skin that just can’t be sequestered. It could also feel like an electrical shock or burning sensation.

  1. Stiffening in the Arm

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can not only affect the hand, but severe symptoms can cause tightness and stiffening from the hand all the way up to the forearm or wrist. The pain may even shoot up to the shoulder in severe cases. This stiffening is often most severe at night and is a signal that immediate treatment is necessary.

Experiencing any of the early warning signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? EHI Health Care specializes in Austin carpal tunnel treatment and can get you on the road to recovery. Our offices are conveniently located in Austin and San Antonio, Texas.

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