Endoscopic Decompression of Intermetatarsal Nerve (EDIN)

Endoscopic decompression of intermetatarsal nerve is an endoscopic technique used for Morton’s neuroma treatment. Morton’s neuroma, or Morton’s entrapment, is an entrapment of a small nerve in the foot.  During this technique, two small incisions are made on the foot, one to isolate the ligament and the other for surgeon visualization via the use of a scope. Once properly visualized, the foot and ankle surgeon is able to release the entrapped nerve. This procedure is done in an outpatient setting. Patients are allowed to fully bear weight immediately after surgery as tolerated and return to comfortable shoes the next day. This minimally invasive foot surgery technique allows for faster recovery when compared to the open technique.

Most people are eligible to have minimally invasive surgery, however it is not for everyone. Some deformities are too large to be corrected using minimally invasive techniques. A consultation with Dr. Cramer will allow you to discuss this in detail and decide which method of foot correction is appropriate for you.

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