Endoscopic Pronator Release

Median nerve compression at forearm

Endoscopic Pronator Release uses the same instrument design and surgical principles as in “Cubital tunnel release”. A new endoscopic technique is now available for Median nerve decompression at the forearm.

Endoscopic Pronator release at EHI:

  • Performed through one 3 cm incision.
  • Fast, Outpatient procedure
  • No immobilization needed – Use of hand next day
  • Minimal to no scars
  • Minimal pain
  • Faster recovery

Open surgery VS endoscopic procedure:

Traditional Open Surgery

Traditional methods require approximately 8 cm long forearm incisions, and significant surgical tissue dissection, to be able to visually, assess and safely release, all the structures causing nerve compression. From above the elbow down to mid forearm. This invasive procedure to release the median nerve, leads to longer post-op recovery.

The endoscopic treatment:

The endoscopic operation requires only one 3 cm incision and allows a nerve release over a distance of approximately 20+ cm. The lack of extensive surgical dissection results in minimal post op functional impairment, and allows for immediate return to light activities with no need of immobilization.

The post-op soft bandage only a few days. In most cases patient may return to work the day following surgery if no heavy manual labor is involved.

When performed by an expert:

This endoscopic technique allows for a same or better nerve release than the conventional open technique, thanks to the perfect magnified HD view of the surgery site anatomy and the ability to reach further with no unnecessary tissue damage.

Outcomes: Open Vs Endoscopic Surgery

Published studies show excellent resolution of nerve compression symptoms with both open surgery and endoscopic techniques. However the endoscopic method is superior regarding post-operative pain, recovery time, scarring, earlier return to function etc…

Return to work and sports:

Except heavy manual labor, most patients are able to resume work within 2-3 days. In case of heavy manual labor it takes 2 weeks.

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