Endoscopic Trigger Finger Release (ETFR)

The superior alternative to traditional open surgery

Endoscopic Trigger Finger Release (ETFR) research comparison showed:

“Faster recovery from the discomfort with a faster return to daily and working activities, after the endoscopic procedure”

(Published by the “Hand SurgJournal”)


  • 5 minute Outpatient Procedure
  • Small 3mm incisions
  • No stitches or Scars
  • Band aids – soft bandage with full finger mobility
  • Use of hand same or next day
  • Minimal to no pain
  • Outstanding results you can see within minutes

A very similar instrument design, as the successful INSTRATEK-Brown used for Carpal tunnel treatment, was specially crafted, to perform a safe and complete flexor tendon release only through two 3mm incisions hidden within the hand creases.

Within this very small anatomical area, the tendons to be released are in close proximity of the digital nerves and arteries. Therefore, specialty training and experience are absolutely required to achieve good results and prevent complications.

EHI Hand specialists have years of experience and are experts in this procedure.
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