Ultra-sound Guided Partial Plantar Fasciectomy

When conservative treatments for chronic heel pain fails you, and Plantar Fasciitis becomes a chronic condition it is then diagnosed as Plantar Fasciiosis. Treatment for this is USGPPF, a minimally invasive foot surgery technique in which the patient’s own blood is used to repair the damaged or degenerative plantar fascia tissue in the heel. USGPPF uses a high resolution diagnostic ultrasound to accurately locate and extract the diseased plantar fascia tissue then replace it with growth factors harvested from the patient’s own blood. This procedure occurs through a small, needle-like device creating an ideal environment for regeneration of the plantar fascia. During the outpatient procedure, the patient is under general anesthesia for a short amount of time. The patient is walking immediately although encouraged to limit the amount of standing or walking initially. Regular activity is generally resumed within a few weeks.  A series of low-energy shockwave treatments will follow the procedure to accelerate the growth factors.

Most people are eligible to have minimally invasive surgery, however it is not for everyone. Some deformities are too large to be corrected using minimally invasive techniques. A consultation with Dr. Cramer will allow you to discuss this in detail and decide which method of foot correction is appropriate for you.

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