26Jan, 2017

Why Do My Feet Hurt When I Run? – EHI Health Care

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Runners generally have a love-hate relationship with their feet, and there is a delicate balance between training well and overdoing it. Many runners will experience foot pain from running, but why? EHI Health Care in Austin, Texas is here to share a few of the most common sources of foot pain for runners:   Stress Fractures So maybe you were trying to do too much, too fast – in turn putting too much pressure on your feet – or maybe you just stepped in a pothole and landed funny. Both […]

7Dec, 2016

Are these Shoes Causing Foot Issues? – EHI Health Care

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Shoes are a vice for many – particularly women. We love cute shoes, but rarely consider if they are offering the proper support to prevent foot issues. EHI Health Care specializes in foot pain relief in Austin, and we’re telling you now, these shoes could be causing your foot problems:   Culprit #1: The High Heels High heels force all the pressure and weight to the front of the foot, creating uneven weight distribution and often resulting in foot issues. Not to mention, the front of a high heel shoe […]

16Nov, 2016

What is the Right Amount of Calcium for Hand and Foot Health?

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When our patients at EHI Health Care begin experiencing hand or foot pain, they rarely associate that pain with their diet. However, having too little/too much of certain nutrients can wreck havoc in more ways than you realize. Calcium is one such mineral that we all need. The Got Milk? Campaign has done an excellent job educating us on the value of milk and calcium to a healthy lifestyle, but what is the right amount? Let’s explore how the amount of calcium can affect your overall health, including the health of your […]

1Aug, 2016

Ask an Expert: Should I Pop a Blister on my Foot?

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At EHI Healthcare, we are specialists in all types of hand and foot issues, including blister treatment, and we are often asked – should I pop a blister once it appears? Here’s what you need to know:   Blister Assessment Frankly, the answer is not a one-size-fits-all answer. Before deciding whether or not to pop a blister, you must first think about the location of the blister, upcoming physical activity, and access to sterile tools. Location: If the blister is on the bottom of your foot, then chances are, you […]

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