26Jan, 2017

Why Do My Feet Hurt When I Run? – EHI Health Care

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Runners generally have a love-hate relationship with their feet, and there is a delicate balance between training well and overdoing it. Many runners will experience foot pain from running, but why? EHI Health Care in Austin, Texas is here to share a few of the most common sources of foot pain for runners:   Stress Fractures So maybe you were trying to do too much, too fast – in turn putting too much pressure on your feet – or maybe you just stepped in a pothole and landed funny. Both […]

1Aug, 2016

Ask an Expert: Should I Pop a Blister on my Foot?

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At EHI Healthcare, we are specialists in all types of hand and foot issues, including blister treatment, and we are often asked – should I pop a blister once it appears? Here’s what you need to know:   Blister Assessment Frankly, the answer is not a one-size-fits-all answer. Before deciding whether or not to pop a blister, you must first think about the location of the blister, upcoming physical activity, and access to sterile tools. Location: If the blister is on the bottom of your foot, then chances are, you […]

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