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Runners generally have a love-hate relationship with their feet, and there is a delicate balance between training well and overdoing it. Many runners will experience foot pain from running, but why? EHI Health Care in Austin, Texas is here to share a few of the most common sources of foot pain for runners:


  1. Stress Fractures

So maybe you were trying to do too much, too fast – in turn putting too much pressure on your feet – or maybe you just stepped in a pothole and landed funny. Both are common reasons for stress fractures and foot pain for runners. Stress fractures can be small and difficult to diagnose, so it’s important to see an experienced foot doctor to properly examine and diagnose the issue. Avoid stress fractures by slowly increasing intensity of your workouts and wearing supportive shoes.


  1. Plantar Fasciitis

If you’re experiencing sharp pain in the bottom of your foot, then plantar fasciitis is likely the culprit. The plantar fascia tendon stretches across the bottom of the foot, through the arch, and is most often aggravated by shoes that are not providing enough arch support. Buy new shoes with added support or buy insoles for your existing shoes. Exercising and stretching your arch and calf muscles (they’re connected!) will also go a long way to heal the issue.

  1. Adductor & Abductor Hallucis

Both the adductor and abductor hallucis are muscles that run across the top portion of the foot. When experiencing foot pain for runners from the adductor or abductor hallucis, it can often feel similar to plantar fasciitis; the difference is that the pain will be in the upper foot or arch – not the bottom of the foot. Do you have bunions? Bunions are a key culprit in the development of adductor hallucis. An experienced foot doctor can properly diagnosis the issue if you are still unsure as to the location of the pain.


  1. Extensor Tendonitis

Here’s a simple way to know if extensor tendonitis is your issue: slowly lift your toes upward while someone applies pressure downward. Is your pain worse? If so, then talk to your Austin foot doctor immediately about extensor tendonitis and how to treat it. Tendonitis can act similar to stress fractures, and supportive shoes, icing the foot, rest, and physical therapy can all do wonders for healing the tendon issue.


If you are experiencing foot pain for runners, call EHI Health Care in Austin and San Antonio for a professional diagnosis and treatment plan. Our minimally invasive treatment plans will have you up and running again in no time!

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